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Guardian: Halal meat: the truth Most animals are stunned before having their throats slit, just like in mainstream food production Written by The behalal team for work Industry Industry News UK & World

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By Homa Khaleeli, Monday 20 September 2010

Halal food is everywhere. According to recent news reports, it might have been “secretly” snuck into your sandwich at a football match or fed to your “unwitting” child in their school dinner. It’s also found in hospital canteens, pubs and sporting venues. But what is this frightening food that the Mail on Sunday proclaims is being “prepared in accordance with Sharia law”?

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CAMPAIGN: EU singles out Halal and Kosher meat for special treatment. Written by The behalal team for work Campaign Consumer PETITIONS The Law

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EU labelling proposals for meat and meat products to ONLY carry the label “Meat from animals slaughtered without stunning”.

Yes, things are brewing as you read this article. Fact: Animals slaughtered without stunning are banned in Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland and recently in New Zealand. It’s happening right on our doorstep in Europe. Our concern is that it may be eventually bought in through the back door and imposed on us all in the UK too.

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A few facts:

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