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Australia: Claims of supplying non Halal chicken denied Written by The behalal team for Home Industry News UK & World

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By: Ahmed Kilani & Ali Cabban

SYDNEY – Fresh Poultry, Australia’s only Muslim owned Halal Hand slaughtered poultry producer, has rubbished claims that they have been supplying non Halal chicken. Sydney’s Muslim community was inundated on the weekend with sms and social media posts alleging that Fresh Poultry was deceptively supplying non Halal food.

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“Halal” medicine now a option for Australian Muslims Written by The behalal team for Health Home Industry News UK & World Pharmaceuticals Trends

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23/4/12  Source:

by Mohammad Kandil

Sydney, Australia: Australia has its first “Halal friendly pharmacy” with a retail pharmacy in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba introducing a line of Halal certified medicines.

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