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UK: BVA speaks out against non-stun meat Written by The behalal team for Campaign Home Industry News UK & World

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A call for action from the Welsh government on meat that has not been stunned before slaughter, has been made by the British Veterinary Association (BVA).

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UK: ANSA re-iterates commitment to Prophetic Dhabihah, welcomes IHCA Written by The behalal team for Home Industry News UK & World Meat & Poultry

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13/2/12  ANSA press release

ANSA (Association of Non Stun Abattoirs) would like to welcome the formation of the Independent Halal Certification Authority (IHCA). ANSA understands that IHCA will be a professional body of Muslim Scholars with a national network of qualified and experienced Imams and Muftis  with a specialism in Islamic Jurisprudence. ANSA feels that competition amongst certification bodies is a healthy development and so ANSA members are looking forward to working with IHCA.

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