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behalal poster for your mosques or shops. Written by The behalal team for work Campaign

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This poster is in response to amendment #205 that has been added to a Regulation on the provision of food information to consumers. Although the majority of the Bill is concerned with labelling food products with nutritional information, amendment #205, tabled by German MEP Renate Sommer, requires all meat products derived from animals that have been slaughtered by dhabh without the use of pre-stunning to be labelled as ‘meat from slaughter without stunning‘.

Help us get the message out. Join our campaign. Simply click on the poster link BELOW and download it to your computer. It is artwork ready, so you can have it printed out for your mosque or shop. Ideal size is A2 – ask your printer.

behalal campaign poster Oct 2010

click on CAMPAIGN: EU singles out Halal & Kosher meat for special treatment for more information.

Manufactured Tabloid Outrage Over Halal Meat Written by The behalal team for Industry Industry News UK & World

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The outrage manufactured over the weekend by the Mail on Sunday to the serving of halal meat continues today in The Sun, The Express and the Mail Online with such headlines as, “Outrage over secret halal”; “Millions being served secretly with halal meat” and “Halal Britain.”

The Mail Online reports that halal meat has been served in Twickenham, Ascot, schools across Britain and Whitbread (Britain’s biggest hotel and restaurant group). It must be asked, why are all these places serving halal? Is it because they’ve been infiltrated and influenced by Muslims and are now leading the charge to Islamify Britain and push the Shariah on unsuspecting customers? Highly unlikely. Or could it not be that it makes business sense to store one type of meat that caters to all customers and population groups rather than store different versions of the same meat and incur greater costs?

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