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Ramadan Sahoor: Sunnah Foods: Barley

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Sahoor Meal option: Barley – Sunnah food

Pearl Barley – Not a new discovery but a sunnah revival as it is a poplar cereal consumed during the Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) life, the whole cereal, ground to make bread and in powered form known as talbina to norish those who are ill 카멜롯의 전설 다운로드.

Nutritional Value
Compared to oats, barley has a higher level of protein and double the level of fibre. Adding fiber to your diet helps prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes and keeps your digestive system running smoothly, according to the Harvard School of Public Health 시크릿 쥬쥬 다운로드. Barley has lower levels of sugar and salt compared to oats. Barley is more effective at regulating insulin and glucose responses than whole oats. Plus a host of vitamins and minerals, and it can help lower cholesterol

Easy Barley porridge

200 g peal barley
250 ml milk (almond, coconut, GM free soya for diary free alternatives)

Wash 다운로드. Add to pan of water, boil then simmer for 20-30 mins to allow the grains to become semi soft but not too soft as it may become mushy. Drain. Add the milk, if you want it creamer continue to cook in the milk and allow to rest over night inside a fridge 최강바둑 다운로드.


Grated apple, banana, blue berries, mixed fresh or frozen berries, cocoa, dates, almond butter, cinnamon, cardoman.

If you like porridge warm gently heat through and add in or top the topping of your choice 다운로드.

Whilst at the recent London Muslim Lifestyle:


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