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behalal.org complaint to the Press commission: Mail on Sunday

Following the first article from the Mail on Sunday of wide scale of Halal meat produced using ‘strict muslim law’ which refers to without the use of pre-stunning methods.

This article fuelled anger and hate of Muslims but Muslims are not to blame for the wide scale of meat labelled as Halal, it’s the industry capitalising and using methods short of meeting the ‘strict muslim law’. Muslims and non-Muslims don’t want this meat.

The facts published were incorrect and mislead the reader and we had no choice but to put in a complaint to the press commission and here’s the reply from the editor of the Mail on Sunday:

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  1. Ashal

    I disagree with slaughter without stunning, however the Muslim position on this (that stunning can be halal) is superior to the Jewish one- no animal is stunned-ever- in Kosher meat production. Even more scandalous is the fact that only 30% of kosher slaughtered meat is consumed by the Jewish community (apparently they don’t like to eat certain parts of the unfortunate animals). Where is the rest going???? The media should investigate.

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