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Working Muslim Guide to Ramadan – Employers and Employees


Working Muslim Guid e to Ramadan- Employers and Employees

This year Ramadan [the month of fasting] starts on 1st/2ndAugust 2011. In order to enable employers and employees to fulfil their obligations to each other in this month Working Muslim, in partnership with The Muslim Council of Britain and 1st Ethical Charitable Trust, has prepared the first Working Muslim Guide to Ramadan.

The guides provide practical tips targeted to employers and employees, providing practical and pragmatic advice. They can be downloaded here: | Employer Guide | | Employee Guide|

“I see The Working Muslim in Ramadan guide as a vital tool for enhancing good relations between organisations and their Muslim employees. Fasting is a key tradition within the Christian and Muslim faiths, and Ramadan is an important time of reflection and fasting for Muslims. I would encourage all employers and employees to read these guides.”

The Right Reverend Bishop Richard Cheetham, Co-Chair, Christian Muslim Forum; Bishop of Kingston-upon-Thames

Islam sets out very clearly the need for Muslims to find a balance when they try to fulfil their obligations to themselves, their families, society and to God. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims face the added challenge of balancing their obligations to worship God more whilst also performing to the best of their abilities for their employers. The Working Muslim in Ramadan guide will be extremely useful in providing employers and Muslims helpful information about Ramadan. I believe this guide is a must for every workplace.”

Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra, Chair, Mosque and Community Affairs Committee, MCB; Goodwill Ambassador, 1st Ethical Charitable Trust; Co-Chair, Christian Muslim Forum

As a working Muslim woman I am very proud to have enabled the production of this guide. It encapsulates 20 years of personal experience as well as that of many others who have contributed to the guide. These guides provide practical advice to Muslims, non Muslim colleagues and employees. We have approached this from a very practical perspective and ensured balance between responsibilities to faith and employers.”

Saiyyidah Zaidi, Founder and CEO, Working Muslim; Development Director, 1st Ethical Charitable Trust.

For further information and to download the Working Muslim Guide to Ramadan please go to

Employer Guide Employee Guide

For press enquires or interviews please email pr@workingmuslim.com or call 07956 081 300



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