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USA: Slaughterhouse rules: Inside a halal butchershop [VIDEO]


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By Daniel Klein

New York City: A lot of unusual things happen beneath the surface here. You don’t notice most of them until someone points them out. Madani Halal slaughterhouse is a great example; it’s down a backstreet in a little-known neighborhood in Queens.Every day, folks line up around the corner to choose their own live chicken or goat, watch it get slaughtered, and then take it home for dinner. In this video, we meet Imran Uddin, who left a career in corporate advertising to run the business his father started in 1996. He shows us the process and talks about how the business attracts working-class people looking for a lesser-known alternative to grocery store meat. WARNING: This video is a little graphic.Click link to watch video: http://www.grist.org/food/2011-12-09-slaughterhouse-rules-inside-halal-butchershop-video


Daniel Klein is a chef, activist, and filmmaker living in Minneapolis. He’s cooked in the restaurants of Thomas Keller, Fergus Henderson, and Tom Colicchio and has directed, filmed, edited and produced projects on various issues including oil politics and the development industry in Africa (What are we doing here? which has aired on TV, in theaters, and at festivals worldwide). Since March, Daniel has been documenting his culinary, agricultural and hunting adventures on film in a series called The Perennial Plate, featuring long winters, urban gardens, ice fishing, slaughterhouses, foraging for wild edibles, and more. Follow him on twitter @perennialplate.
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