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A small family run business has become the first to provide HMC certified free-range chicken and organic goats. ZUSS Halal based in Latchingdon, Essex, rear their own chickens and goats on their farm.
Imran Khan from ZUSS Halal said; “Batches of free range chickens are reared and fed GM-free feed from days old to slaughter at between 14 – 16 weeks, almost double the time than commercial battery reared birds.”

Mrs Saima Khan added; “The birds are allowed outside typically from as early as 4 weeks for up to 8 hours a day, have access to open air runs covered in vegetation with evenly distributed sufficient shelter and drinking troughs.”

Once grown and ready, ZUSS Halal transport the birds to a HMC certified abattoir for slaughter under HMC supervision. The products are then packaged and ready to sell.

Shaykh Yunus, HMC Chairman said; “We are delighted with this new development as this is the ideal we as Muslims should be aiming for. We are grateful to ZUSS Halal for their personal zeal and efforts in creating this opportunity for the Muslim community to purchase free range, organic chickens and goats”.


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