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UK: Halal Monitoring Cmmittee Qurbani report

23/11/11 HMC press release

HMC Safeguards Consumers from incorrect Qurbanis 

Alhamdulillah by the Grace of the Almighty, HMC overlooked the highest levels of HMC certified Qurbanis on record this

Eid.  Nadeem Adam, HMC Operations Manager said, “there has been an increase of over 47% from last year.  People

are turning to HMC’s unique and comprehensive inspection based system to meet their important religious obligations

with assurance”.

This safeguard means that Qurbanis are done after Eid Prayers, uniquely identified and sent to waiting consumers in

the knowledge that checks were made on their behalf.


HMC issued important guidance produced by Scholars to all Abattoirs for the fulfillment of Qurbani this year. It stipulated

the shariah laws that must be adhered to along with unique inking and markings under the full inspection of an

independent HMC Inspectorpresent on site during the production.


Cattle Rejected

A herd of cattle destined for Qurbani was rejected by HMC inspectors just prior to slaughter at one of the plants as the

age of the animals were under two years and not permissible for Qurbani.  This shows the importance of independent

monitoring said regional manager Asif, “we were asked to approve the slaughter of animals that did not meet the

Shariah criteria. If the HMC inspector was not present, although this animal may have been slaughtered by a Muslim

and it may have been non-stunned, this meat would have undoubtedly passed off as Qurbani assured meat when it

clearly was not”.


HMC was the only certifying body that independently monitored all its Qurbanis and had its personnel present during



May Allah accept all our sacrifices and help us to be sincere in our efforts to help the

community. HMC requests all readers to continue to support HMC and we are grateful to our inspectors who worked

during the three days of Eid so that the Qurbani requirements for our communities could be met.

HMC Working to Safeguard Halal and the prophetic method of Slaugher.


For further information please call HMC on 0844 846 0340 or email info@halalmc.org

“HMC taking deceit out of Qurbani” – Your Seal of Assurance. 


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