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UK: ‘Halal hub’ for Hull?: Multi-million-pound plan for international distribution site

19/3/14  www.hulldailymail.co.uk

AarosinBondholders chairman Peter Aarosin.

Business leaders are seeking to build an international distribution hub for halal goods in the Humber after a trade mission to south east Asia.

The multi-million-pound site would handle logistics for food and other halal products imported from the orient.

The idea was raised on a trade mission to Malaysia and Singapore run by the Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce, the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and the Bondholders marketing organisation.

The delegation, led by LEP marketing board and Bondholders chairman Peter Aarosin and the chamber’s international trade director Pauline Wade, discussed the potential investment with Malaysian officials and the Halal Industry Development Corporation of Malaysia.

Halal products from the country have among the world’s highest levels of certification, meaning they are well regarded and trusted by consumers globally.

A location for the centre has yet to be decided but it could be a major hub for imports into the UK and markets in Europe.

As well as new employment at the centre itself, it would also lead to supply chain jobs.

Mr Aarosin said: “This potential investment is in its early stages, but it presents a very significant opportunity.

“Halal is about much more than food – it also includes halal ingredients, health, cosmetics and personal care products.

“The halal industry is worth about £6bn to the Malaysian economy and the global demand for halal products is growing.”

Ms Wade said the Humber’s location made it an ideal place for a distribution hub.

She said: “The Humber offers an excellent location for this investment because of its location halfway down the east coast. It also has excellent shipping links into Europe.”


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