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24/12/11  /www.food.gov.uk

A hay in a manger: Christmas cards, school plays, and church nativity scenes typically portray images of a manger surrounded by farm animals in the centre of a hay-strewn barn. But, while the religious message that has lasted two millennia continues to inspire Christians across the globe, the sheep and oxen (and their modern counterpart the cow) are no longer sustained on a diet of grass and hay.

The latest issue of the Food Standards Agency’s Bite magazine, published today, looks at the complex issue of animal feed and the enforcement mechanisms that are in place to ensure that it is safe for animals to consume.

Animal feed is a rarely discussed topic that is extremely important because, an editorial in Bite says: ‘We are what they eat.’

The FSA’s Bite magazine was launched to discuss cutting edge issues related to food safety. The seventh issue of the magazine includes an overview of feed production worldwide, articles highlighting the crucial safety work carried out by enforcement officers and scientific experts.

It also touches on recent debates about what should be included in animal feed, post-BSE.

The Feed issue of Bite is available on pdf (see below). You can also subscribe to Bite at the link below.

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