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5/8/11 www.foodstandardsagency.gov.uk

meat butcherThe FSA has produced a DVD for those working in butchers shops to encourage them to think about the type of food safety risks they face in their business and how they should control them. It features three butchers talking about the steps they have taken to reduce food safety risks.

The DVD has been produced as part of the Agency’s response to addressing the recommendations of the Public Inquiry into the serious outbreak of E.coli O157 in Wales in 2005.

‘E.coli O157 – A butchers’ guide to staying safe’ focuses on three key areas:

  • the threat that E.coli O157 poses to businesses and their customers
  • the importance of separation in controlling cross contamination
  • the role of documented food safety management procedures in ensuring food safety and the ease with which they may be embedded into everyday working practices

The DVD is a useful resource for local authorities who carry out enforcement activity at butchers’ premises, and forms part of a range of guidance the Agency has produced.

Colman Horgan, Technical Officer for Food Control at Luton Borough Council, said: ‘The “Butchers’ guide to staying safe” presents a common sense approach on how control of cross-contamination can be achieved. This film illustrates how producing food safely requires determination but does not have to be burdensome.’

Sarah Appleby, Head of Enforcement and Local Authority Delivery at the FSA, said: ‘We want to encourage butchers to put simple measures in place to ensure the food they provide is safe, thereby protecting consumers and their businesses. The butchers featured in the DVD show how they have done it, and demonstrate that it’s not as complicated as you might think.’

The video can be viewed online at the link below and or you can order a copy by calling the Food Standards Agency Publications on 0845 606 0667 or email foodstandards@ecgroup.co.uk.

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