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UK: Contact your MP to pledge support for the Animal Protection Laws

5 June 2017 Behalal.org

The general election is only a few days when on 8th June, the British voters will choose who to vote.

As Britain’s faces exit from the EU, a danger exits relating to European law on Animal Protection that could be weakened or repealed altogether. We are counting on our elected MPs to protect this and ideally strengthen laws related to Animal Welfare and Protection.

We need a pledge to keeping existing animal protection legislation should they be elected, but also to campaign for greater protection for animals through new measures. We support the campaign for installation of CCTV. That the Food Standards Agency/DEFRA have adequate staff to regulate the activities relating to animals from farm to slaughterhouse.

The laws under threat cover many areas, including setting standards on the way animals are farmed, transported and slaughtered, ensuring eggs from caged hens are labelled as such, and banning cosmetic testing on animals.

Please contact your MP and share this post and ask them:

If they will pledge to fight to maintain current animal welfare standards as a minimum should they be elected?


Please contact us for further information and get involved in this campaign. Email:  info@behalal.org



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