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24/5/11  behalal.org

Behalal.org have been active during a pilot in Birmingham to make changes in pre-cooked food and featured in special report – toxic takeaway. 

Foods that are high in salt, fat and contain trans fats don’t fall into the tayyab requirement of Halal food.  Halal in its wider context means its  good, wholesome, natural, and healthy for all to consume and not detrimental to mental and physical health if consumed on a regular basis.

We have decided to take steps towards positive change as consumers have little control over what goes into food eaten in or as a take-away.

During the pilot project we were very surprised to learn how little understand there was of halal/tayyab requirements by those who are in charge of preparing Halal food. Halal was being associated with Halal meat.

We hope this work will encourage others to think and apply the principles of Halal and tayyab requirements. We hope this in turn will help the consumer and get everyone to lead healthier/Halal lives.

An important point to make is that making these changes won’t mean you can eat more just that it is a little better for you.  Moderation plays a key role in Halal eating.

This work is being done in our voluntary capacity and without funding.  If you wish to support us and want to ask any questions please feel free to contact us.

More on the Pilot Project: http://behalal.org/health/projects/halal-food-pilot-salt-fat-and-trans-fat-reduction/

Toxic Takeaway



‘My take-a-way lifestyle was killing me’ – Music Producer Rishi Rich.

For this Asian Network Reports Special, music producer Rishi Rich talks about how he faced his own junk food hell and reveals the danger of ‘Trans fats’.

High in fat and salt – most of us would agree that take-a-aways aren’t always the healthiest option. But there’s also an ingredient that may be even harder to digest.

The World Health Organisation lists it as a toxic product and it has also been called ‘killer fat’. It is considered more dangerous than some pesticides, yet British Asian’s are still selling it and eating it.

Trans-saturated fat is most often found in processed foods and takeaways. It has no nutritional value and can increase your risk of heart disease. A number of countries have already banned it and health campaigners want to see the same thing happen here.

We hear from the people whose diets have put their lives at risk, the takeaway owners who are prepared to put their own food up for testing and the campaigners who want to see the government ban trans fats for good.

Mushtaq’s Have Been Serving Customers In Birmingham For Over 40 Years.

They are making a postive change and are working towards reducing the levels of salt and fat in their food to offer their customers healthier options.


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