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UK: ANSA welcomes UAE imports of certified British Halal imports

18/1/12    ANSA press release

The Association of Non Stun Abattoirs (ANSA), the industry representative body for non-stun Halal producers in the UK, has congratulated HMC and welcomed news that the UAE government is to begin importing certified Halal products from the UK, giving a welcome boost to the British economy.
EBLEX, the organisation for beef and lamb levy payers in England, as part of its remit to promote and  to stimulate demand for quality Halal beef and lamb as well as help aspiring exporters find a route to new markets, organised a visit for Royal government members from the UAE last year.

Eblex’s Halal Steering Group Chaired by Nick Allen met trade representatives of the United Arab Emirates at one of ANSA’s members abattoirs in a bid to open up halal meat export markets to the Middle East in March Last year, Bearing in mind the export of into the middle east is estimated at over a Billion Pounds. 

As part of their tour, the UAE delegates visited number of Abattoirs which included Simply Halal in Norfolk. 

The UAE delegates then met with the UK’s three main halal accreditation agencies which included HMC to discuss the certification of UK halal meat. Without the certification, halal meat cannot be exported into the Middle East.
The UAE Royal family highlighted the importance of the Prophetic method true genuine Halal to Muslim Community.

Mohammed Saleem for ANSA said “It’s a fact that the market for True Authentic halal Meat in the UK is Growing, as it is in the rest of the Muslim world. With the UAE’s population of five million and its central position in the Middle East, the potential for sales of British Halal Beef and lamb is huge. It is an exciting and welcome boost in these difficult times.”

Mohammed Saleem said, “Our members are always looking for ways to expand markets for British Halal produce. In addition to the Middle East, we are actively expanding our exports to Europe, and are looking at the potential of other international markets. We are lucky to have dedicated true Halal producers who can make the most of the opportunities for Halal export that are opening up at the moment, and we are glad to see EBLEX are recognising the potential.

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