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1/2/12 Press release

ANSA (Association of Non Stun Abattoirs) had a misleading and biased propaganda video attacking non stun halal removed after being notified by members.
The recording was originally produced by EBLEX to promote English halal meat supply chain from farm to folk in an attempt to open up the home and overseas market.
Raw footage which was edited to show non stun in bad light, barbaric and inhumane,  was was uploaded to universal halal website (self acclaimed certifying body) stating that they had permission from EBLEX.
James Wilde: EBLEX PR and Marketing: ” Although no premission was given by EBLEX colleague may have given the impression that it’s ok ” with ansa intervention this propaganda has been removed from universal halal agency website.
Ansa are mystified on how such claims on recovery experiments are made, when no bona-fide scientific evidence has been carried out, how the non stun causes further pain as scientific evidencce has not  been provided to substantiate such barbaric claim.
We are willing to entertain any bona-fide and legal scientific research to be carried out, and one should refrain from such ludicrous allegations as I quote:
“Pre-stunning of animal or bird means rendering them unconscious and insensitive to pain so that the cutting of neck and subsequent bleeding to death becomes possible without pain just like the doctor in hospital administers anaesthetic to us prior to operation.”
Mohammed Saleem, Policy Director ANSA: ANSA will not tolerate such attack on the halal/kosher from  Agencies/Self Certifyier,  who mislead, miss advice companies for financial gains claiming to be experts, in the halal industry.
We must also highly commend EBLEX for their swift and prompt Action’s in having  the offending material taken down.
Removal of the material should act as wake up call to all self certifying agencies, and a reminder to the statuary agencies to work with bona-fide partners.
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