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UAE: A’Saffa Foods supports seminar on child abuse as part of its corporate social responsibility strategy

8/5/12 www.ameinfo.com

A’Saffa Foods has reinforced its commitment to supporting worthwhile community initiatives by sponsoring a seminar on the issue of child abuse that was recently conducted in Samail.

As a business that is committed to providing healthy quality products to families across the Sultanate, A’Saffa Foods is always keen to support initiatives that support and strengthen understanding of social issues that impact the family.

The seminar was organised by the Social Development Department in Samail under the patronage of the Wali of Samail. Research papers were presented at the seminar that detailed the efforts of the Ministry of Social Development to combat child abuse and ways that families can act to protect their children from the dangers of child abuse.

In addition the Omani Women’s Association of Samail also presented a video called “The Happy Family” providing advice to parents on ways to ensure they can create a happy and caring family environment.

A’Saffa Foods Assistant Manager for Marketing, Daeij Al Hosni explained why the company has supported this initiative: “As a leading Omani company we are fully committed to helping to support a broad range of community and corporate social responsibility initiatives – especially those that are related to the family.”

“All of our products are designed to help create fit, healthy and caring families and this is why we are always keen to support seminars such as this recent one organised by the Social Development Department in Samail. We recognise that there are a number of challenging social issues that the nation faces and A’Saffa is happy to support local and central Government initiatives in these areas that can help to educate and inform the public.”

As a proud Omani company, A’Saffa is also actively engaged in growing its export market with strong exports of its frozen chicken products to markets such as the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Yemen proving highly successful with customers in these markets who are keen to purchase locally sourced 100 per cent halal products raised with 100% Natural Feed.

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