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UAE: A’saffa Foods sponsors blood donation drive to commemorate renaissance day

23/7/11 www.ameinfo.com

A’Saffa Foods is sponsoring a nationwide drive to encourage individuals to donate blood in partnership with the Blood Services Department in Muscat and the Blood Bank Department in Dhofar. The initiatives inMuscatand Salalah are being held as part of the Renaissance Day celebrations and to encourage citizens and expatriates alike to donate blood that can then be used to help save the lives of others across the nation.

A’Saffa started the process with an event in their head office at Ghala in Muscat where staff happily donated blood to this very worthy cause. This weekend the donation drive will now move to Salalah where donations can be made up until Monday 25th July.

Staff from the company will be distributing information leaflets and brochures about the importance of becoming a blood donor on Thursday and Friday in Salalah and how that contribution can be a major factor in helping to save lives every day.

As a Dhofar based company A’Saffa will also be helping with a journey around the Governorate to help raise awareness about blood donation. And on the Khareef Festival site itself a mobile donation unit is being set up with A’Saffa staff doing what they can to educate festival goers and encourage them to go to the unit and donate blood.

A’Saffa Foods Sales and Marketing Director Sidhartha Lenka said: “We are delighted to be supporting this worthwhile initiative that is timed to commemorate Renaissance Day and at this special time of the year in the Sultanate to encourage individuals to donate blood and help save the lives of others. We have been delighted by the response already in Muscat to this initiative and are looking forward to helping to educate and involve people in Salalah at the Khareef Festival and in other locations to participate in this very worthy initiative.”

A’Saffa Foods is Oman’s leading poultry producer with its great tasting and high quality range of frozen and fresh 100% Halal products comprising over 25% of the market. The company has also recently broadened its scope into non poultry products with the introduction of Khayrat Foods and a range of tasty Halal beef burger products.

The company has recently announced plans to expand its operations into new areas of operations including the development of a new meat processing plant and the creation of a table egg business.

In 2010 the company marked its change of name from A’Saffa Poultry to A’Saffa Foods with the introduction of the Khayrat brand which has launched a new range of beef burgers and frozen vegetables.

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