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UAE: A’Saffa Foods – A Home Grown Food Manufacturing Success Story

25/3/12  www.zawya.com

A’Saffa Foods, Head of Sales and Marketing, Sidhartha Lenka

A’Saffa Foods, Head of Sales and Marketing, Sidhartha Lenka

Muscat, 25th March, 2012: A’Saffa Foods will this year enter its second decade of business operations since the company was officially incorporated as a business in 2001 to establish the Largest integrated poultry project in Oman on a location in the southern desert near to Thumrait.

For many years proudly known as the producer of Oman’s 100% Natural and best tasting, pure, healthy and 100% Halal chicken the company is now successfully forging ahead as the Sultanate’s fastest growing integrated food manufacturer.


Having built its reputation on 100% Natural, Tasty, healthy, nutritious & pure chicken products, the company has over the past 18 months turned its expertise in world class food processing techniques to an increasingly broad range of products. 

Today the company portfolio includes its Khayrat frozen food brand that has introduced a diverse number of beef, vegetable, Sea Food and now frozen fruit & Fruit pulp products onto the Omani supermarket shelves.


Senior executives at A’Saffa believe their expansion plans have proved successful thanks to the excellent reputation the company has achieved for its non-compromising principles on business ethics & morality, product purity, religious beliefs & Omani culture, highest stringent quality standards and the way its products are produced with a home grown market in mind. 

A’Saffa Foods, Head of Sales and Marketing, Sidhartha Lenka explains: “Our growth has been extremely well thought and planned. It was essential that the company built a solid and highly regarded reputation in the market for the A’Saffa chicken brand following the commencement of manufacturing in 2003.

“In the food market you can only build market share by creating confidence in the consumer in the quality and purity of the product they are purchasing for their family. Today we are enormously proud of the very strong reputation that A’Saffa has among the Omani – and increasingly regional – markets for the quality, purity and safety of our product range.

“With that reputation established – it has been a logical move for the company to expand into new products through introducing the Khayrat range which has already become a firm favourite among families with its wide range of nutritious and tasty products – all produced to the highest A’Saffa standards.”


Mr. Lenka explains that 2012 will see a number of additional and highly significant developments for the business with the commercial chicken production of the expansion coming up this month and when it opens a specialist meat processing plant at Rusayl later in the year and its planned table egg production. 

Both of these projects are once again well planned and logical extensions of the company’s core business operations – using the skills and expertise gathered during a 10 year period of operations in the Sultanate.

They will have a hugely positive impact in the creation of new jobs for local Omanis in particular at both centres and will further strengthen A’Saffa Foods as the company continues to be the fastest growing domestic food manufacturer in Oman.

It will also help to grow one of the company’s very important strategic objectives which is to help enhance food security and self sufficiency for the Sultanate of Oman and help to reduce the amount of imported food required to meet demand across the Sultanate.

As a proud Omani company, A’Saffa is also actively engaged in growing its export market with strong exports of its frozen chicken products to markets such as the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Yemen proving highly successful with customers in these markets who are keen to purchase locally sourced 100 per cent halal products raised with 100% Natural Feed.

“There is no doubt that 2012 is set to be a hugely important chapter in the A’Saffa Foods story – and all of us at the company are looking forward to the new production facilities that are planned and a continuation of the introduction of new products into the market place,” added Mr. Lenka.

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