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Written by Dr Mah Hussain-Gambles

Would you knowingly eat Petrochemicals? Of course you wouldn’t – but it is now media knowledge that up to 60% of what we put on our skin can get absorbed into the body. Looked at another way, women on average may eat several tonnes of lipstick during their lifetime. And up to 5lb per year of chemicals may get absorbed into the body as a result of putting make up on every day.

Looking good on the outside has never been so hazardous for our health and wellbeing. And whilst it is now the norm for consumers to scan food labels for ingredients, very few of us take the time to do the same with skincare products.

Separating out the undesirable ingredients is a process long overdue, and on which the EU has at last started to address. With the result that thousands of personal care products and cosmetics, along with worrying ingredients, have come under the microscope and have now been banned by the EU. These include phthalates, commonly found in deodorants and perfumes, and linked to reproductive abnormalities in animals. Petrochemical ingredients, derived from petroleum, some of which are now recognised and classified as hormone disrupters, can result in PMS, endometriosis and other hormonal dysfunctions. Even the use of alcohols in skincare has come under investigation, as some pf the alcohols used in cosmetics are petroleum derivatives and therefore toxic.

Do cosmetics need these undesirable elements in order to make them do their job effectively? Because most cosmetics contain mineral oils, which leave a waxy film barrier, it is very common for cosmetic companies to use alcohols to remove this film. Therefore we see how one undesirable ingredient creates the need for another. No wonder we’re bewildered – but the bottom line is, we all want beauty products that work for us, not against us.

What about your body wash, or shampoo, facial cleanser, or bubble bath even? You’re still in hot water – these products commonly include other undesirable chemicals, such as DEA (diethanolamine), TEA (triethanolmine), cocamide DEA, lauramide DEA, and all have been associated with increasing the risk of cancer. Just to add insult to injury, most fragrances or Parfum, as it says on the labels, are predominantly synthetic, and contain many compounds, which may be carcinogenic or toxic. Artificial colours are also mostly derived from coal tar, which has been shown in animal studies to be a potential carcinogen.

But makeup and pampering routines make us look great and feel good about ourselves and to look our most beautiful best is part of our female nature. So do we throw our make up bag in the bin and give up on glamour and beauty? Oh no we don’t!

The good news is, skincare that does you nothing but good is a beautiful alternative, and it’s available now. Dr. Mah Hussain-Gambles, Homeopath, Pharmacologist, Founder and Formulator of Saaf Pure Skincare, has created a range that addresses these problems. Her products only contain the finest quality organic raw materials, scientifically shown to help boost the immune system, and with anti-inflammatory and natural anti-bacterial properties. These organic ingredients also provide the highest levels of natural anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 and 6 found in nature. Saaf Pure Skincare is a highly concentrated, restorative range that provides skin with immediate relief short-term, and gives a long-term, beautifying effect. The formulations do not contain common allergens or irritants, products are 100% free of Alcohol (Halal certified), and the organic oils used are chosen for their therapeutic contributions, their healing and regenerating abilities.

A marriage between safe-science and nature
We want skincare that works for us – keeps us looking good for our years, makes us feel positive when we look in the mirror in the mornings. And Dr. Mah Hussain-Gambles personal journey to find gentler ways of restoring the natural balance of the body, her belief in the healing power of natural remedies, combined with her orthodox training in pharmacology and evidence-based medicine are at the very heart of Saaf Pure Skincare. With many years of treating clients homeopathically, Dr. Mah has personally witnessed the benefits of combining ancient knowledge with modern science to create highly effective skincare solutions that work synergistically with the skin.

As a skincare specialist, with 15 years experience of researching skincare in depth and creating innovative skincare solutions, her formulations are based on sound science. And, being a woman, Dr. Mah also has an intimate knowledge and understanding of what we want effective skincare to do for us.

Good, youthful-looking skin is an important part of a woman’s sense of self. And Saaf products reflect this innate understanding of the emotional as well as the physical importance of maintaining good skin.

Men may not be able to understand it, but a woman knows if she doesn’t feel she looks her best, her self-esteem suffers. Frivolous? Absolutely not – research shows us how depression is linked to low self-esteem, and therefore we must take ourselves, our needs and therefore our wellbeing, seriously. In pampering ourselves on the outside, it’s not just our skin that will benefit – we’re also looking after our inner woman, giving her some much-appreciated TLC. As Dr, Mah says, “Preserving the skin is so important to women because it’s also about Self-Preservation.”

No wonder this totally pure, organic new range of skincare offers us all a brilliant alternative life-style for skin. Not for you, nor me, for that matter, a worrying chemical cocktail. As health-conscious consumers, we’re ready to take responsibility for our own selves, our own beauty, and our own wellbeing. Let’s start now.

Dr. Mah Hussain-Gambles knows the value of fine organic, natural ingredients – she also knows that beauty is more than skin deep. Hers is a positive, holistic approach – lovely, beautifying ingredients on the outside, now couple that with a positive attitude on the inside. She believes that just taking small steps each day can make a big difference to our sense of self:

• Smile often
• Walk tall and walk 20% faster
• If you work, don’t take a back seat – always sit at the front of meetings/conferences
• Just before you go to bed every night, write down (in your special diary) three things you were grateful for
today. Sweet dreams.

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