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10/10/11  news.franchiseindia.com

Ramen Ten and Shin Tokyo Sushi, Japanese restaurants run by a Singaporean couple is planning to foray in India via franchise route. In an effort to target the massive market they are promoting ‘halal Japanese food’ worldwide.

Yvone Lim, Managing Director, Ramen Ten and Shin Tokyo Sushi said, “Ramen Ten and Shin Tokyo Sushi is looking to expand into India through franchising. We are looking to work with a suitable Master Franchisee who is committed and has the financial abilities to expand the two concepts successfully.”

The restaurant brand is also looking to expand their business through franchisees in Central Asia, China, Russia and Europe, where there are significant Muslim populations.

Ramen Ten started as noodle shop in Singapore in 2002, hiring Singaporean Chefs with experience in Japanese food to create more than 20 varieties of Ramen. But with the realisation of an excess of Japanese restaurants in Singapore, the pair decided to venture into the niche market of Halal Ramen.

In 2003, they began researching Halal Ramen and two years later obtained certification from the Islamic authority.

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