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Philippines: DOST 12 Halal industry serves both Muslim and non-Muslim markets

2/11/11  www.pia.gov.ph

GENERAL SANTOS CITY, November 1 (PIA) — “While it is a duty and obligation tor Muslims to promote, develop, protect and sustain Halal, Halal industry is ever more seen as an excellent opportunity for non-Muslims also to venture taking into account prospect of serving both the Muslim and non-Muslim markets,” declared DOST 12 director Hadja Sittie Shayma Zenaida Hadji Raof – Laidan.

Laidan who was guest of the radio program “Meet the Press,” recently aired over DXCP, General Santos City and initiated by the station management and the Philippine Information Agency, said the involvement of non-Muslims in the Halal industry is also a manifestation of their concern to the Muslim culture.


She further said a well – developed Halal industry can only be fully achieved when complemented by all concerned stakeholders.


When queried on the stride of the government in the development of the Halal industry, Laidan spoke about the excellence in analytical testing by DOST 12’s Halal laboratory which she said, provides reliable analytical testing data that helps the industry, agencies of government and the academe around the world in making firm decisions about their products.


Laidan asserted DOST 12’s commitment of quality assurance and quality control. She said DOST 12’s quality management system has been certified by the ISO 9001 Standards for the highest standards of quality and reliability according to customer and all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.


She added that the Laboratory Quality Management System adheres strictly to the management and technical requirements of the internationally recognized ISOMEC 17025.

This is an accreditation obtained in 2006 after the DOST 12 complied with the general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.


The DOST 12 director said the Halal laboratory devotes its services to the analyses of food and non-food products, intended for the halal markets, both domestic and international.


The facility serves as the clearing-house to assure the authenticity and credibility of Philippine-made Halal products, she elaborated. (OTSUDARIA/PIA 12)

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