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Pakistan: PAMCO, Malaysian firm ink accord for Halal food products

15/5/11 www.dailytimes.com.pk

LAHORE: Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company (PAMCO) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Penang International Halal Hub (Malaysia) Saturday for mutual cooperation in Halal food products.

Under this MoU, Malaysian government will support PAMCO for Halal food certification, preparation of standards, value addition of products and training of staff for establishment of modern slaughter houses and functioning of meat processing plants.

The document was signed during the visit of Malaysian State Minister and Chairman Penang International Halal Hub Haji Abdul Malik Kassim to the University of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (UVAS).

Punjab Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Malik Ahmad Ali Aulakh also accompanied the guest on this occasion.

According to a spokesman of the provincial agriculture department, the guest visited Punjab in collaboration with PAMCO regarding Halal Food Certification, Value Addition and Export of Meat to strengthen the economy of Pakistan.

He was also interested in gelatin and bone mash from Halal sources. While expressing his views Malik Ahmad Ali Aulakh said Punjab is naturally blessed with the wealth of livestock like Nili Ravi Buffalo, Sahiwal Cow, various breeds of sheep and goats and there is huge potential of Halal animal food.

Haji Abdul Malik Kassim urged UVAS should play its leading role to introduce Halal industry in Pakistan by adopting the international standard through research developments and commercialisation of new technology.

He said Pakistan could generate revenue through Halal industry which would significantly contribute towards the country’s economic development.

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