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Pak-Japan friendship bazaar in Tokyo showcases blend of two cultures

1/5/13  www.dailytimes.com.pk

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister of Japan, Yukio Hatoyama has said that Japan and Pakistan enjoy a long-lasting friendship that would be strengthened with time.
Addressing the inauguration of ‘Pakistan-Japan Friendship Bazaar’, he said the people of both countries had always accorded each other respect and dignity, which was a great source of comfort especially during natural disasters.

He appreciated the spirit behind the friendship bazaar and said it would help project Pakistan’s customs, music, art and culture to the Japanese people.

Yukio Hatoyama visited different stalls including the Pakistani pavilion and showed keen interest in the country’s food, henna art and the truck art. He also appreciated the Pakistani food outlets in Japan, which had introduced Pakistani halal food to the Japanese people.

Midori Matsushima, member of Japan-Pakistan Parliamentarians Friendship League and former Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs said Japan enjoyed excellent relations with Pakistan for the last 61 years. She thanked the Pakistani people residing in Japan for their help and assistance during the great east Japan earthquake. She also expressed her condolences for the victims of recent earthquake that hit Pakistan’s border areas with Iran.

Pakistan’s ambassador to Japan, Farukh Amil said the bazaar provided an opportunity to the local people to celebrate both cultures.

World-renowned sports icon Antonio Inoki addressed the crowd accompanied by his team of wrestlers. The Ambassador announced that the government of Pakistan had officially decided to designate Inoki as goodwill ambassador of sports, in recognition of his excellent work to promote friendship, peace and understanding through sports. He noted that the large turnout during Inoki’s recent visit to Pakistan proved that Pakistanis were peaceful and sports loving people.

The bazaar also featured sumo wrestlers, Khattak performance, qawali, ghazals, fusion of Japanese taiko and Pakistani dhol and food and traditional music of both countries.

The bazaar at Ueno, a main park of Tokyo attracted huge crowds. It proved popular with children. The visitors enjoyed Pakistani cuisine with long queues witnessed at the restaurants. app

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