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Letter: Protection of Prophetic Zabiha Method; Saudi Export Development Authority of KSA at UK

3/9/16 http://www.halalassure-ip.co.uk


Re- issued letter to Saudi Export Development Authority

Mr. Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz Alhaqbani–Secretary General

Saudi Export Development Authority

Arcade Center, Entrance # 1,

King Fahd Road, Olaya,

P.O. Box 75169, Riyadh 11578

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Subject: Protection of Prophetic Zabiha Method. Date: March 24th, 2015

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Your Highness,

My Allah (swt) shower His choicest blessings on you, your family and your kingdom. Ameen.

I, Mohammad Amir, am the director of Halal Assure-IP (HAIP), UK a Halal certifying body. We are actively involved in protecting the Prophetic Zabiha (dabha) method of slaughter. I am writing to you, urging you to look into the current threats to the Prophetic Zabiha method of slaughter and seek your assistance in preventing its ban.

Pre-slaughter stunning before slaughter was introduced for animals in the UK in the 1920s for non-Halal slaughtering in order to facilitate animal handling and speed up the processing. Although used initially for non-halal slaughter stunning slowly crept into Halal slaughter and grew to a point where its use in Halal slaughter became inevitable. In those days there was a lack of sufficient research to support the Islamic objective that stunning complies with the requirements of Halal slaughter. However continuous research into stunning has shown that stunning, particularly in smaller animals, can cause the death of the animal prior to slaughter which is a violation of one of the basic fardh (mandatory) requirements of Halal. Since this became known many concerned individuals and organizations, have been working to protect the Prophetic method of Zabiha slaughter i.e., slaughter without stunning in order to provide genuine Halal to the Muslim community. However recently the Prophetic Zabiha method has come again under threat as many countries in Europe have restricted it or banned it whilst others are considering its ban. The countries that have already banned the method include Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany (for export orders) Iceland, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, and New Zealand (for export orders). What is more disturbing are the reasons given for the ban which include:

Zabiha method is cruel and barbaric.
Zabiha method cause more pain and distress to the animal.
Animal welfare is above religion.
It’s unethical.
All of the above allegations are misleading as a number of evidences discovered by research show that religious slaughter is most humane if done correctly. When countries that have imposed the ban were presented with these evidences, they argued that Muslim countries, especially the land of holy mosques, are importing tons of meat/poultry which are all either electrically stunned or captive-bolt gunned and they seem to have no objection to this.

I would also like to draw your attention to the double standard policies of Germany, Poland and New Zealand; New Zealand as we know is one of the largest exporters of Halal meat to Middle East countries. These countries allow slaughter without stunning for meat consumed WITHIN the country to avoid internal dispute. However in these countries Halal meat for commercial exports MUST come from animals that have been stunned before slaughter. This thus deprives consumers in the Middle East of the Prophetic Halal meat.

We as Muslims are aware that the Holy Quran calls our Prophet (pbuh), “Wama arsalnaka illa rahmatan lilAAalameena (Al Qurán 21:107)” “And we have not sent you, except as a mercy to the worlds”. His (pbuh) method of slaughter cannot be barbaric or inhumane when he was most merciful not only to mankind but to every creation of Allah (swt).

It’s my humble request to you, to look into this issue which is crucial to Muslims around the world. The economy of the countries that have banned or are planning to ban the Prophetic Zabiha method depends on the export of Halal meat. Your support of Prophetic slaughter without stunning will discourage countries from banning it and will thus protect the Prophetic Zabiha method of slaughter whilst allowing all citizens to consume Prophetic Halal meat. Please help us and those fighting for this cause. Your support in this matter will play a vital role.

JazakAllah for giving the time to read my letter.

I look forward to a positive response from your side.


Mohammad Amir(MSc Meat Sci & Tech | MSc Food Sci & Tech)

Technical Director



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