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CAMPAIGN: EU singles out Halal and Kosher meat for special treatment.

EU labelling proposals for meat and meat products to ONLY carry the label “Meat from animals slaughtered without stunning”.

Yes, things are brewing as you read this article. Fact: Animals slaughtered without stunning are banned in Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland and recently in New Zealand. It’s happening right on our doorstep in Europe. Our concern is that it may be eventually bought in through the back door and imposed on us all in the UK too.

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A few facts:

•16th June 2010 Food Labelling Regulation was passed in the European Parliament. This Regulation relates to nutritional labelling however, amendment #205 was added on for compulsory labelling of the slaughter of meat without stunning. Ministers of the European Parliament (MEPs) voted by 559 to 54 for the labelling of meat and meat products which will affect genuine Halal and Kosher meat.

• A huge amount of pressure by misguided animal lobbyists, the far right and of course anti-Islamic propaganda has more than influenced policy.

• Media bias; the protrail of Halal slaughter as barbaric, bleeding the animal to death. In fact, all methods of slaughter, Halal or otherwise cause the animal to bleed out to preserve and extend the shelf life of the meat.

• Slaughter of any kind is not a pretty sight but better that there is human involvement than left to machinery.

• Muslims are unwittingly eating pre-stunned meat, pre-stunned and machine slaughtered chicken because this meat can also be labelled Halal. This figure is estimated at 90% of meat/poultry on sale.

• The rise in meat produced using pre-stunning methods under the name of Halal is for economic reasons. Pre-stunning and machine slaughter creates greater yield.

• There is no requirement in Islam to eat meat however; it must be Halal, which is a direct order from God. To protect animal welfare and of course the person eating it.

• Animal welfare and humane slaughter are top priorities for Halal slaughter.

• Muslim and the Jewish communities have been exempted from pre-stunning under the provision of the Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations 1995.

• The most thought provoking for the Muslim consumer is that there is simply not enough unstunned meat available right now in the system for consumption at today’s rate, discerning Muslim consumer be warned!

What next?

• The Council of the European Union will meet in the spring 2011 to decide on the decision to proceed. If the amendment is not voted out a “second meeting” will occur before the European Parliament early next year. Importantly, if the amendment is binned it can still be re-introduced by the Parliament. This is blatant discrimination. There has been no consultation, just tagged onto a Nutritional labelling Regulation. Smells fishy!

• Yes, to labelling, Muslim consumers do not want to others to consume Halal meat if they choose not to, they also don’t want to be mislead any more by the Halal label being applied to all three types of slaughter methods. The other methods are by no means superior to Halal slaughter.

• In the real world this may mean a reduction of meat that is genuinely Halal (not stunned) which will lead to more mixing with pre-stunned meat by money driven suppliers.

• Fair labelling to allow all consumers to make an informed choice if this is really about ETHICAL concerns.

• Muslims are not against use of science and technology but want 100% conclusive evidence to prove that slaughter without pre-stunning is inhumane.


All Muslims are instructed to take responsibility and action if they can, Lobby your MEP; let them know how you feel. To help we have drafted a letter should you wish to use it.

The best MEPs to contact are those who represent Britain on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) Committee, and the Secretary of State and Minister of State at DEFRA who are dealing with this issue on behalf of the British Government:

Find your MEP. Click here: http://www.europarl.org.uk/section/your-meps/your-meps

Here’s the letter: lobbylet

We’re not being unreasonable; it’s pure logic and fair to labelling of all meat and meat products if this proposal goes ahead.

We also like this article, affect on trade exchange:


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3 Responses

  1. Ashal

    I believe meat from unstunned animals definitely should be labelled. If you don’t believe it is cruel to slit an animal’s throat whilst it’s still fully conscious, I trust you would refuse a general anaesthetic in hospital when they make an incision in you?!! It’s common sense, Muslims here can really improve public perception by accepting that animals are worthy of consideration and kindness, halal is acceptable with stunning and Allah gave humans the capacity to reason and feel compassion for exactly this sort of situation. Stop the suffering now, please.

  2. adum sudum

    If people don’t like animals to be slaughtered then they should turn to a vegetarian diet. But we Muslims must not be threatened with EU legislations in what is our God given right to slaughter animals for eating in a halal way.

  3. Lisa Crane

    Despite religious beliefs, any person who has compassion in their heart can see that any way that animals are slaughtered must be with regret and only for sustanence. We were put here to protect them, and definately not abuse them or make them suffer. That was never intended!!! The animals of the world are our responsibility to CARE for!

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