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New Launch: Modest Work wear KENTōRE

22 May 2017 behalal.org Team

We have been following this new brand closely for over a year now as it is different from the norm of modest fashion. Bringing benefit to society which we love. Spending your money this way brings benefit all around, can’t beat that.


KENTōRE is a designer workwear label and social enterprise in the modest fashion market, launching online today! The brand’s debut collection comprises six luxe workwear pieces, each of which have been carefully tailored to meet the needs of the modest professional woman. What’s more, KENTōRE uses its profits to provide fashion and textiles training, and business mentorship to Syrian refugee women, enabling them to develop their entrepreneurial skills and become financially self sufficient.


To get hold of an exclusive introductory discount code, email ‘May22’ to a hello@kentore.co.uk. For news of the brand’s debut launch, sign up at www.kentore.co.uk and follow @kentoreworkwear



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