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1/2/13   blogs.ft.com

By Shelina Janmohamed of Ogilvy Noor

In cold, wintry London, Ahmed and his wife have recently returned from their honeymoon in the Maldives. In their late twenties, this British Muslim couple had dreamed about an archetypal paradise island escape, but they were also looking for some extras: halal food, and a place that would be accommodating of their Muslim sensibilities.

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2 Responses

  1. Gazi Shaikh.

    Hard to fathom, Muslim Crims in prison objecting to Free meals not being halal. What next??? Plenty of room now in Muslim countries to migrate like the bankrupt Pakistan, Afghanistan,or any where in the Middle East. We in Australia have banned our live cattle exports to the above. We have all seen the footage on TV release to your halal way of barbaric primitive culture(the same applys to the Jews)Wakeup and get a life and a proper job.
    Question for you….Would you go through any form of surgery with no anesthetic.An answer from you perhaps never.

  2. Gazi Shaikh.

    Oh yes poor Ahmed and his wife feel so sorry for them.
    Next holiday try Baghdad, Karachi or Somalia. Plenty of halal cusine there. Omit Maldives please.

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