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Malaysia: State keeps good eye on canned food from China

25/3/12  www.theborneopost.com

KUCHING: The State Islamic Affairs Department (JAIS) will continue to monitor canned food from China to ensure that they are halal.

Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office (Islamic Affairs) Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman said yesterday that JAIS had been entrusted with this monitoring task.

He also advised retailers to cooperate by displaying halal and non-halal food in different sections of their shops.

Daud said this when asked to comment on a recent issue where `Greatwall Corn Beef’, a canned product from China, was said to have been peddled as halal food by a supermarket here.

“We have instructed restaurants and hotels which offer halal food not to use the said canned product,” Daud told reporters at the sidelines of an excellent student award-cum-annual general meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman (STAR) here yesterday.

Daud advised Muslims to read the labels carefully whenever they go shopping for imported canned products.

“Please do not buy such food just because they are cheap. If one were to look carefully, you will notice that the said product (Greatwall Corn Beef) does not carry a halal logo, only Jawi writings explaining the content of the product.”

To get updates on halal and non-halal food products, Muslim consumers are advised to visit JAIS’ website.

In his speech, Daud urged the PTA and the school to continue nurturing a close working relationship so that the school could achieve whatever goals it had set.

He called on the PTA to organise more activities on a regular basis to help improve the academic performance of its students.


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