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Malaysia: JAKIM de-list HFA (UK), IAOH (China) and NZ certification organisations

2/4/14  www.halal.gov.my

       NZ Islamic Meat Management & NZ Islamic Processed Food Management


Please be informed that Halal Hub Jakim has withdrawn the following three (3) Halal Certification Bodies in China, New Zealand and United Kingdom from the Recognised List effective 6 February, 2014:

1.Islamic Association Of Henan (China);

2.NZ Islamic Meat Management & NZ Islamic Processed Foods Management(New Zealand);

3.Halal Food Authority(United Kingdom)

Kindly refer to the latest list of JAKIM’s Recognised Foreign Halal Certification Bodies through the website.

          For imported products certified by the said bodies still be accepted for Malaysia as halal under any of the following three set of circumstances:

i.Product were certified before 6 February 2014 and are already in the Malaysia market;

ii.Products were certified before 6 February 2014 and are already en route to Malaysia;

iii.There is an existing contract for the export of product to Malaysia , but the consignment has not yet been dispatched (covered products that have not yet been manufactured) and

a)Product are included in the list of the said bodies;and

b)That contract is dated prior to 6 February 2014 ; and

c)That contract remains valid (refer to the ‘expiry date’ noted on the contract and the expiry date of certificate) ;and

d)Each products or consignment are accompanied by either :

–      A certificate from a new Halal certification Bodies; or

–      Proof of correspondence between the companies concerns and a new Halal Certification Bodies, demonstrating progress towards certification under that new Certification Bodies , and

e)The new Halal Certification Bodies submit a letter directly to JAKIM to indicate that it is now working towards certification of the new plant.

All the above scenarios will be accepted until the expiry date of certificates or until the certificates from the new bodies issued whichever come first.

For the new contract after 6 February, 2014, only the halal certificates from the new body in the recognised list will be accepted. While for the existing products already in Malaysia, which carry the halal logo from the delisted bodies, the certificates will be accepted until the stock finish.

Original source: http://www.halal.gov.my/v3/index.php/en/media/announcement/326-penarikan-balik-pengiktirafan-badan-pensijilan-halal-luar-negara

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