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Malaysia: Get proper certification

18/1/12  www.nst.com.my

By Mohd Fahmi Mohd Yusof

The state religious department will act on those who fail to get the Malaysian halal certificate
halal cerification
City Council enforcement officers bring down a restaurant’s signboard as its operator failed to get the halal certification. Pic by Fahmi Yusof

THE Johor Religious Department is urging all business operators and companies in the state who want to use the halal logo on their products to apply for the Malaysian halal certificate, failing which action will be taken against them.

Its senior assistant director (research section) Yosree Ikhsan said  to date 15 notices in writing have been issued to companies and business operators who failed to do so.

Yosree said many operators are displaying the logo without getting the  approval from the department.

“Operators will have to pay RM100 a year for the certification, which takes about a month to process if all the documents are in order,” he said.

Yosree said firm action will be taken against anyone who displays the logo without the proper approval.

He also said  the department received 358 new applications for halal certification last year.  Currently, 419 companies have the certificates compared with 325 in the previous year.

Of this, 165 or 39.4 per cent are Bumiputera companies.

Of the 419 companies, 284 are food production factories.  Others include, hotels,  resorts,  eateries, slaughterhouses as well as  consumer products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics companies.

Yosree said  the department will closely monitor those who already have the certification to ensure that the companies adhere to the rules and regulations.

The inspection will be carried out under the Trade Descriptions Act 2011.

The close monitoring on business operations by the department will make consumers more confident when buying products with halal certification.


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