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Jewish, Muslim Groups Protest as Dutch Debate Banning Ritual Slaughter

8/4/11 eyugoslavia.com

By Srebrenka Kac on Apr 8, 2011 in FeaturedGeneral News

There are high chances that the Netherlands, who is one of Europe’s first countries to allow Jews to practice their religion openly, may ban the kosher and halal slaughter procedure of animals in the region.

A small group of animal rights party and the larger xenophobic Freedom Party of Geert Wilders is leading the support to put a ban on kosher and halal slaughter methods. The far-right’s embrace of the bill has been issued, which is based on the harsh hostility toward the Dutch Muslim population. The bill is expected to go to a parliamentary vote this month.

The Party of the Animals (PvdD) is the world’s first party to gain parliamentary representation. It has argued in the bill that humane treatment of animals should be given more importance than the traditions of tolerance. In context to same, Jewish and Muslim groups have called this proposed bill an affront to freedom of religion.

“I can speak for the Dutch Jewish Community and I think for the wider Jewish world, that this law raises grave concerns about infringements on religious freedom”, Ruben Vis, Secretary-general of the Dutch Jewish umbrella organization NIK, told the news agency AP.

On the other hand, Abdulfatteh Ali-Salah, Director of Halal Correct, a certification body for Dutch halal meat, said that they will protest if the law goes through.


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