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15/4/11 en.trend.az

Iran creates Halal Internet network

Iran has taken all necessary steps to create Halal Internet network. The Iranian net Consortium has been already established for this purpose, Iranian IRNA state news agency quotes the country’s Deputy Vice President for Economic Affairs Ali Agamohammadi, as saying.

“Creating Halal Internet network will be a turning point in the sphere of e-government, e-commerce and e-banking, and all e-services within the country will be rendered through the network” Agamohammadi said.

He said that the internal network will operate in parallel with the Internet.

Agamohammadi said the Iranian net consortium will work in the sphere of fiber-optic network, and Internet speed will increase with the beginning of its activity. “The consortium initially will render services through fiber-optic network to 10 million users,” he said.


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