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Brands, Islam and the New Muslim Consumer

Sept 2011   www.ogilvynoor.com 

  • Built on a bank of rigorous bespoke research conducted in key Muslim markets by our partners TNS, this study offers detailed branding recommendations on how to forge stronger bonds with the new generation of Muslim consumers, through every aspect of branding, from business practice and philosophy to visual identity and customer service.

    Our report is written from a unique insider perspective, being researched locally and led by Muslim experts globally, thus avoiding the unhelpful cliches and stereotypes of the past. The result is a deeply empathetic piece of thinking that resonates with Muslims first and foremost.

    The focus of our study is on the ‘new’ Muslim consumer – the generation of educated, savvy young Muslims across the world who are quantifiably different in their world views, attitudes and expectations from generations before them. 45% of this new generation believe that ‘religion should be adapted to suit individual lifestyles’ – but crucially, they’re finding their own ways of doing so, with 27% agreeing that ‘protecting Islamic values from Western lifestyle and media influence’ is important to them. With Muslim youth now accounting for 11% of the world’s population, we believe that they are the voice of the future that global marketers cannot afford to ignore.

    We’ve found that core Shariah values resonate with all Muslims – values such as honesty, accountability, community, peacefulness, respect and humility. We argue that any brand based on these values builds a strong ethical foundation for the future.

    This report is based on up-to-the-minute facts and figures, with most of the research having been conducted in early 2010. With most businesses looking to regenerate themselves and their practices after the global economic crisis, there can be no timelier moment to look at the world of tomorrow’s consumers through this fresh lens.

    The report is on sale for $9450, plus shipping and handling.


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