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Video Tour of Beef Plant Featuring Temple Grandin

1/9/12 www.meattradenewsdaily.co.uk

Meat industry bring out the “Big Guns” to sort out the Animal Rights loonies once and for all, starting with Temple Grandin.

I recall 20 years ago when cattlemen thought Temple Grandin did not know what she was talking about, thank God that is not the case today.

We enclose here new video that shows that the meat trade have no problems with “Glass Walls” in our slaughterhouses if we are doing our job correctly, if we are not the buck stays with the management and Not the workers.

I am going to list the founders of some of the worlds largest slaughterers of cattle and without exception, you could place any of these men in a yard of 50 cattle with a cane and in minutes they could draw you off the best 15 head or the worse 15 head, as long as they had a good man on the gate.

Larry Goodman and his late brother Peter (ABP)

The Batista Brothers (JBS)

The Teys Brothers (Teys Cargill)

The McKenna’s father and son (Midfield Meats)

William Waugh and his late brother Alex (Lindon Foods)

The Dobson Brothers (Dunbia)

Adam Buitelaar and his late father Frans ( Buitelaar Trading)


It is no coincidence that these cattle men who can handle cattle as a wet nurse would handle a baby, went on to build the worlds largest beef empires.

We love our meat industry and realise that contented livestock give more tender meat at the end of the day, so why are we allowing the media and animal rights brigade ride rough shod all over us.

We must be pro-active and if you look the truth in the eye long enough it has a habit of coming out

Every meat company worth its salt, should have this video or something similar on their websites. The journalists reporting animal cruelty have never been in a slaughterhouse, so let’s bloody well show them one.

I have nothing against vegetarians and believe we should all “Live and Let Live” , however I do resent them pushing their agenda down my throat on a daily basis.

This video says it all.

Post Script from William Hayes

Temple covers most things, except always have walkways on a slight incline, as cattle will walk up hill all day long and hate walking down hill, the aforementioned real meat men will already know this.

“We do want to caution viewers that the scenes are graphic at some points.”

click here Video Tour of Beef Plant Featuring Temple Grandin



 William Hayes former slaughterman.


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  1. Animal Welfare Org

    I have no problem with organisations that stun animals properly and there is no regaining of any form of consciousness but we all know that this is not the case don’t we!

    The video is just a PR excercise and you are losing the issue of public confidence.
    Sorry but it is greed that ruined it for your industry.


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