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Donate to behalal

We are a few volunteers and not funded so grateful to donations to support our work e.g. to pay design and production costs to be able to produce charity publications.

We have not intentionally created a fixed price for our magazines as we wish to bring benefit those who access our resources as it intended as charity however, without having money we cannot progress in our work. Whilst our personal time is given for free, we do not have the skill base to design and produce materials.

Should we not have volunteer support to research and write then the money donated will be used to pay for project work to bring properly researched information to you. This may involve desktop activity or actual visits and include cover travel costs.

Jazkallah Khair

OPTION 1. Treasurer account (Lloyds Bank) Behalal Limited

Sort code 30-97-57,

Acct No: 23338860


OPTION 2.Paypal

Behalal.org is a non-profit voluntary charity organisation Behalal Limited is the operating name of Behalal.org, a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales No: 7395698

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