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Behalal.org is a UK based non-profit, non-political voluntary consumer organisation focusing on safeguarding the halal (lawful) lifestyle.  

The founder is Ruksana Shain, an Environmental Health Officer by profession who after engaging with various people and organisations recognised there was no independent source that others could contact or where conflicts of interests may affect the advice. That she is someone blessed with a skill base that relates to slaughter, meat, food and associated areas to helps others whether they choose halal/tayyib lifestyle or not. And to enable others to contribute knowledge, skills and information irrespective of whether they have an interest in halal or not. Education being the prime purpose of getting a better understanding.

We endeavour to provide information to help consumers make informed choices and encourage positive change.  There is a wealth of advice from the Quran and Sunnah to bring benefit to all of mankind. The focus of our work includes: Dhabiha, food/drink, diet and its impact on health;  pharmaceuticals, personal care and cosmetics, and services that respect and meet the Muslim lifestyle. 

Simply providing a portal for information to help all and a platform to allow others to contribute.

Who we are

The founder, Ruksana Shain dedicates her time as sadaqah (voluntary contribution) to manage and co-ordinate the work simply to give back what she believes that is a blessing with skills that enable her to serve others by calling and uniting others, as a duty and service to Allah.

We have four regular volunteers who contribute time when required. 

The behalal.org work benefits from the vast array of experts who we feel privileged to have their voluntary contribution from around the globe to provide expertise/advice simply to help others.  Some are Muslim and others not. As the area of the work we do is wide, any contribution they make in one area does not mean they agree to the other focused subjects/areas or even our objectives.  This allows independence of advice and real benefit to readers. 

Importantly, the the work is supported and guided by independent scholars with Islamic knowledge, who are experts in Islamic jurisprudence and in 21st century food production. 


Our goal

Our aim is simple, we want to transform the current limited understanding of Halal, which focuses almost exclusively on slaughter issues, into the traditionally correct understanding of Halal, which is a holistic lifestyle system perfected by Almighty Allah (SWT) as a mercy on Mankind, and if practised, leads to a healthy body, mind and soul. 

As a result, we endeavour to create a positive image of Halal; safeguard Halal rights and communicate objective information to allow consumers to make an informed choice.  Taking charge to provide clear information to educate and protect the consumer wishing to follow a halal lifestyle. We are after a step change to improve standards and understanding of halal consumables and services. E.g. that halal when applied to food is not just about the slaughtering of animals but applied more broadly to include safe hygienic food, that is nutritious without ingredients that impact on the food being wholesome and good. 


What we do

We offer information and advice to consumers and those in industry to ensure Halal and tayyib requirements are met.

behalal seeks to galvanise and motivate all members of our community to work together for the greater good to protect Halal rights, whilst still respecting the views of others.

We are committed to working with veterinarians, animal welfare groups, consumers, Government and industry whilst adhering to the Islamic principles of mutual cooperation and understanding.

We are committed to striving to make a positive change to health outcomes. To actively work at grass root levels with those in the industry to make changes in food claiming to be halal.

To act as an impartial and neutral platform to work with others and encourage improvements to safeguard the halal diet. 


Our main concerns

As the worldwide Muslim population of around 1.8 billion is growing rapidly and is predicted to reach 30% of the global population by 2025. This requires better information for consumers to make informed choices.

Within Islam, halal diet plays a pivotal part in spirituality and is becoming a tool in the use of health promotion.  As a complete way of life, Islam strives for the highest level of religious evolution and human aspirations, covering the whole range and sphere of life, and caring for the physical, spiritual, moral and material welfare of humankind.

Islam is highly concerned to prepare individuals, communities and nations to realise and practise responsible citizenship, to contribute to universal peace, mutual understanding and human brother/sisterhood. To free human conscience and maintain human dignity.  We believe that the Holy Quran is the Master Book of Revelation and the Standard of Religious Truth.  

We are not trying to impose Islam on people but covey the Divine message as a way to happiness in our world and the hereafter, and offer contribution to benefit all humanity. 

Halal food should be that which is good, wholesome, healthy and nutritious. When consumed in moderation, that it doesn’t have a negative impact on physical or mental health.  Our concern that foods labelled with the halal claim are high in salt, saturated fats, trans fats, additives, E numbers and have high calorific value which is detrimental to the health of followers required to consume halal goods especially those from the South Asian and Arab communities who form larger community groups and are susceptible to negative health impacts such as diabetes, heart disease due to their genetic predisposition placing them into high risk groups. Diet thus has a greater impact on health.  That the tayyib part of halal requirement is being over looked by those producing halal products for consumption. 

Certain communities are very hard to reach and by using key messages within Islam at looking after your health is actually part of worship will be used to encourage positive change.  Other concerns that the Muslim community is consuming more halal meat than the average consumer (20% more); is the meat actually  halal i.e. the practises and processes involved in production. With the boom of fast food outlet providing cheap high salt, fat, limited nutritional value foods being consumed by children creating a high incidence of obesity is already being shown by research. That where poor food hygiene standards exist they may be compromising the end protect from being halal. Food that becomes unfit and is likely to be injurious to health is haraam. These multiple issues raise serious concerns and questions of the correct understanding and compliance of Halal/tayyab requirements where halal claims are being made.  

Step one towards change is to communicate which also another reason why behalal.org “help us, join us” was created to work together in mutual co-operation to improve health inequalities but importantly for the benefit for all not just Muslims. We are creating partnerships with organisations tackling health inequalities and welcome their support.

Finally, that consumers want better information and transparency over what they are being sold and we will our our level best to offer a service to this end. The volunteers involved are themselves consumers of halal products and passionate to encourage others to “help us, join us”. 

We are not funded and require support from donations, sponsors and those who wish to advertiser to reach an audience of a potential 1.6 billion global population.

What can you do? 

If you believe in our values and principles or you wish to contribute please contact us via email info@behalal.org or write to our registered address: behalal.org, Moseley Exchange, 149-153 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham. B13 8JP. 

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of behalal.org, nor can behalal.org be held accountable for these views. The intention of voluntary contribution of information is to help others and is for information purposes only. 

If you wish to copy behalal team articles, they remain subject to copywrite and prior approval is required if you reproduce any element of it. If it is the complete article, like we do, credit the source back to the originator. Thank you : )

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